We provide issuing companies with unique and exclusive access to a discerning, highly - engaged and forward-looking community of sophisticated investors.

We attract investors to our platform through strategic partnerships in the finance, technology and media sectors, our broad industry experience and a network of key industry players we believe unmatched.

We designed the Blu Horseshoe Capital Raising Platform to make it as fast and simple as possible for Sophisticated Investors to join, engage with offers, bid, and secure their allocation.

Our onboarding process allows rapid verification of each investor’s identity and Investor Status, while our Bidding Entity tools ensure approved investors are no more than four clicks away from bidding on Offers you promote.

Once investors join, we keep them up to date with Offers and opportunities through the channels that suit them best. Instant notifications and best-in-class digital tools ensure they are informed, in control and comfortable through every stage of a deal.

Access to highly-engaged sophisticated investors

We attract, engage and retain investors seeking the best investment opportunities on the ASX.

Fast and simple promotion of Offers

Our tools were developed specifically to meet the needs of issuing companies, and our team ensures your Offer listing runs smoothly.

More capital raised

Our wider audience, more engaged investors and better management and promotional tools mean more capital raised. 

Frequently asked questions

How do we source our investor base?

Blu Horseshoe’s client base is unique to Blu Horseshoe, and is acquired through our stable of strategic partners across finance, technology and media. You can be assured that our client base is not recycled across an existing database of sophisticated investors.

How do we communicate with our investor base?

Our preferred form of communication is email, where we provide investors with updates around new opportunities and any compliance needed. In our experience, email is easier to implement, quicker to scale, and is universally used. While we have the capability to communicate with investors via mobile, we expect that desktop will comprise the majority of our broking activities.

Are our clients only Australian investors?

No. While our core clientele is our large investor base in Australia, we have a significant global audience resulting from our extensive global network through our strategic partnership stable. We have access to investors across major investment hubs in Asia, Europe and North America.

Do we serve retail investors?

As it currently stands, bidding on our platform is only eligible to sophisticated and professional investors. Considering the finer details and potential risks involved with placements and pre-IPOs, our focus is partnering with accredited, experienced investors. This is also in the context of the significant number of non-accredited Australian investors that are eligible to become sophisticated investors, currently estimated at 3 million.

How do we know if our investors are eligible to participate?

Our verification process involves multiple KYC checks and financial license (e.g. s708 or AFSL) verification, with our KYC completed through the platform via a proprietary solution. This process is completed entirely within the platform and has been developed to be a quick and seamless onboarding experience for our keen and ready investors.